DeFi, P2P lend/borrow on Rootstock
Mass Adoption of EVM-compatible Technologies on Rootstock
Lending: Using supported tokens, Creditas users can engage in peer-to-peer lending and borrowing activities on our unique P2P lending/borrowing dApp. Lending on Creditas yields substantial interest rewards. Our lending/borrowing dApp is designed to be user-friendly with a decentralised chat system and search functionalities and paginations. Our well-audited security algorithm protects your money at all cost.
Borrowing: To borrow on Creditas, all a user has to do is to create a loan from the Borrow section, presenting a collateral, and pay back with interest when you repay the amount. A lender lends to the borrower in due time. For a smooth user experience, a "view all available loans section" and "view your loans section" have been created.
You will be automatically navigated to the dashboard in 60 seconds....